Privacy Policy

When you are using our services, you are trusting us with your provided information, we surely understand this and are working hard to protect your information and put you in control.

This privacy policy is intended to help you understand what and why we collect your data, how do we use it and how you can update, modify and delete the provided information.

There are some things that we collect from you.

  • Your name, identity, device, login and signup details.
  • Your shopping data, what you bought, your bill information.
  • Your device location.
  • Your purchase activity.
  • IP address and location.
  • Performance data.
  • Shopping history.

This information is collected to provide the services as follows.

  • to show you the products that are more relevant to you.
  • and to optimize your shopping experience.
  • to propose available product in your area.
  • to tweak the platform for you
  • to propose customized deals for you.

Third parties that collect information or help us collect your information

  • Facebook
  • Google via Tag manager and analytics.
  • Google Tag Manager.
  • Social media applications like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others.
  • And other services in future.

Terms of Change

Terms of services are subjected to change at any time without prior notice. We try hard to come up with privacy policies that are more feasible and secure for you.